Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scents and Sensibility

This week I took a cue from Mike Piazzo at the Center for Progressive Renewal and baked a loaf of bread in the sanctuary of my church during the worship service. Why did I do this? 
Mike says that the best worship has elements of drama and excitement. It was communion Sunday, and I know from past experiences that the smell of freshly baked bread has enhanced communion for worshipers. 
It wasn't all that hard to do. At home I mixed up a batch of bread do in my breadmaker, using the dough setting. Then I transported the whole machine to church and plugged it in at the back of the sanctuary. I set the breadmaker to the bake cycle (which lasts an hour) and started it just before the service began. (If your worship lasts more than an hour, enlist a volunteer to stop the machine before it lets out an annoying beep when it is done baking.) A breadmaker has a little vent in the lid designed to allow steam to escape, and the smell it emits is positively heavenly.
I'm planning on doing even more experiments with my breadmaker. As I speak I'm baking up a batch of chocolate pudding cake....

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