Monday, March 21, 2011

Spirituality for Lent

A common practice during the season of Lent (which runs this year from March 9 through April 23) is to give up some luxury or indulgence (such as video games or chocolate) in order to deepen spirituality. This year I am encouraging Riverton Church to go in a different direction during Lent--instead of just giving something up, consider taking on a spiritual challenge.
Most of the members of the congregation are opting to take on the challenge of donating more frequently to our food pantry. A number of us are adding an item to our food collection each day, and as we do so praying about our ministry to the food pantry--perhaps by giving thanks for our own blessings, or praying for those who will eventually receive the food, or even praying for those around the world who produce our food.
In the first week our food pantry collection has increased by a factor of at least ten. Let's keep it going! It's good for our spiritual life and good for our community as well!

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